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A strategic digital activation project to launch limited edition sneakers and an exclusive collection of NFTs.

By combining physical fashion with digital innovation, the brand marked the launch of a collection of limited-edition sneakers designed in collaboration with “The Sneaker King” – NBA basketball player P.J. Tucker. Based on the American basketball player’s aesthetic, Dolce & Gabbana created two new versions of the Miami sneaker, inspired by basketball footwear of the early ’90s.

The collection previewed online and P.J. Tucker signed the first 100 pairs sold which were also accompanied by one of three exclusive NFTs – or Non-Fungible Tokens. These NFTs were not only digital authenticity certificates for the sneakers themselves but, were also unique, digital, collectable artworks with different levels of rarity protected by blockchain technology on Ethereum.

Landing page of the P.J. Tucker for Dolce & Gabbana landing page explaining the limited edition sneakers accompanied by NFTs.

We designed the first part of the project as a teaser to engage users and make them want to know more, starting with the 3D animated logo whose metallic finish makes it look precious and enticing.

The brand announced the project but the three NFT digital artworks were kept a secret until all 100 pairs of signed sneakers were sold. In the meantime, users could interact with the landing page to discover the project. They could create their own composition with windows that contained technical information, calls to action and visual teasers such as 3D renderings and pixelated representations of the artworks.

Frank Studio
Frank Studio
Golden grid pattern in the shape of a ball on a grey background.
Grid pattern in dark blue and grey. The pattern forms the shape of a shoe.
Multi-coloured square grid pattern with turquise, white, yellow, orange and red.

The NFTs

Once the sneakers were sold the new owners could redeem their NFT and find out which artwork they had acquired: “The Gold Bomb” (edition of 3), “The What the Dunk” (edition of 27) or “The Glowing Core” (edition of 70).

The three NFTs are 3D animations inspired by P.J. Tucker’s love of sneakers and of the explosive power and energy of elite basketball. The artworks perfectly unite the worlds of sport, fashion and art making them true collectors’ items.

Frank Studio
Frank Studio

We also designed an editorial-style landing page dedicated to the project which Dolce & Gabbana launched on their e-commerce after the big reveal of the NFTs. This page put together the full story, from P.J. Tucker’s style and inspiration, to the meaning of the NFT artworks while still giving customers the chance to buy the limited edition sneakers themselves.

Frank Studio

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