Roger Vivier

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for the Fabergé of footwear

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Roger Vivier


Slidy Viv digital campaign

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Known as the fabergé of footwear, Roger Vivier was famous for creating beautiful shoes that looked like works of art.

This is still a defining characteristic of the brand today and a fundamental part of the concept for this digital campaign launching the Slidy Viv collection of mules and sandals.
The campaign story works around the idea of oddity and mystery but in a light-hearted and optimistic way. The darkness contrasts with the bright shiny surfaces to create a surreal atmosphere in which the products are revealed, paired with beautiful, bizarre and fun everyday objects: a tea set fit for a queen; wobbling translucent jellies and chewy confectionary; items from a cabinet of curiosities. These elements work together to show every key feature of the shoe such as the materials, colours and the crystal buckles while suggesting a joyful fairy-tale narrative to enchant the target audience.

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