Piombo Corporate Website

Dark blue and strong yellow stripes. A bold logo, bold communication. Graphic elements that allow countless combinations.

All the elements of Piombo’s brand identity, which also recalls the style and vision of its founder Massimo Piombo, were the starting point for developing the concept behind the website.

And then the design itself. Different modules that permit changeable layouts provide piombo.it with the fluidity demanded by the digital world today – especially when related to fashion. Easy to navigate, catchy for users and never boring. A project designed and developed by Frank Studio.

Frank Studio
Frank Studio
Frank Studio
Frank Studio

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Piombo Corporate Website

Art Direction & Creative Content

Frank Studio designed and developed piombo.it. The website is mobile oriented and e-commerce ready and, although not active yet, the online store prepared for the moment the brand decides to launch it.

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