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A digital shopping experience for adventurous fashion.

Inspired by the tough and courageous men of Alaska’s 210th Rescue Squadron, Parajumpers outerwear is designed for the modern-day explorer. Its highly technical characteristics mean that its wearers can endure some of the coldest and harshest conditions in the world. This adventurous fashion means that they can seek out new destinations and live unforgettable experiences.

Within the website the e-commerce and brand philosophy had to be perfectly balanced so the homepage is modular allowing for the construction of both product-based or inspirational content and the main menu includes both links to the product collections and links to editorial content. The “Stories” section is a series of reportage photo essays and videos dedicated to telling inspirational tales of real Parajumpers people who live out of the ordinary lives at sub-zero temperatures whereas the “Journal” section features a selection of shoppable editorials.

In the product pages the garments are explained and illustrated with extensive photography and video and, true to the brand’s identity, the importance of the technical features is highlighted through a series of illustrative icons designed especially and a system of temperature rating so the user knows the exact level of performance they can expect.

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Frank Studio
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