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Four editorial campaigns united under a single umbrella concept.

G Fashion not only wanted to restyle its product photography for the launch of its new e-commerce. It also wanted to create unique editorial campaigns for each of its key lines: leatherwear, scarves, beauty and the new “Buddha” collection.

We developed all four campaigns with one macro concept based on three keywords: movement, avant-garde and black and white dichotomy. This enabled us to give the campaigns an artistic twist, taking inspiration from great 20th century photographers like Helmut Newton or Richard Avedon. We then developed each campaign to highlight the attitude of the individual collection and the nature of the products featured.

Frank Studio

For the scarves and beauty collections we focused on the human silhouette. We used the nude as a blank canvas to highlight the nature and details of the products: for the body lotion in an allegorical way, for the scarves in a more literal way.

Frank Studio
Frank Studio

We shot the Rock Leather campaign in black and white to give it a gritty, underground atmosphere. Both the photos and videos capture the male and female models in motion, interacting with one another in a natural way. This scenario brings the products to life making them even more appealing to the customer.

Frank Studio
Frank Studio

The Buddha collection is all about print, many of which are black and white. So, we decided to shoot it in colour to bring out the contrasting tonal combinations. We shot the campaign in studio and on location to create the idea of backstage footage of a runway show.

Make and female models wearing colorful printed clothes from the G Fashion Buddha collection

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