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G Fashion


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An e-commerce for a sophisticated, dynamic, urban customer looking for both cutting-edge design and quality craftsmanship.

G Fashion is a global luxury fashion brand for men, women and kids based out of NYC. Its customers are open to avant-garde ideas but are also smart and decisive.
With this persona in mind, we focused on high-quality e-commerce photography and videos to let the products speak for themselves.

To fully illustrate the products we styled each one as part of an outfit. We then filmed a model wearing the outfit to show the products in movement. The models wore masks designed by the brand to focus the user’s attention on the garments while preserving the full silhouette.

E-commerce photography for G Fashion. Woman wearing red leather trousers and jacket
E-commerce photography for G Fashion. Man wearing black denim trousers and jacket

We then photographed each product from several different points of view: on model from the front, back, side, and close-up. We also photographed each garment as a still life on an invisible mannequin, to preserve its shape and volume.

The black and white palette of the website draws the eye to the imagery ensuring a product-driven customer journey. In the product listing page, the garments are shown as still lifes punctuated by regular slots for model shots. These create rhythm during browsing and help focus the attention of the user on key pieces.

Frank Studio

Finally, we also produced the e-commerce photography for all the kids’ clothing. We chose to photograph these products differently, style on a flat surface instead of on an invisible mannequin. This makes them look more playful and differentiates them from the men’s and women’s collections.

Frank Studio
Frank Studio
Frank Studio
Frank Studio
Frank Studio
Frank Studio

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