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E-commerce redesign


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Redesigning an e-commerce starting from the concept of music.

For Tezenis, we had to build an e-commerce that was not just a simple website for product sales, but also an immersive site with rhythm, dynamism, and a unique and direct tone of voice.

We started by analyzing the brand manifesto – “Music for the Body” – identifying the keywords and key concepts that best represent the brand. Tezenis is a young and free-spirited brand, passionate about music, capable of creating a symphony of colors and textures. “Music for the Body” is the key concept that allowed us to define the three main pillars that represent what music means: rhythm, harmony, and volume.

By first connecting these three pillars to music and then applying them to the construction of a web interface, we defined the concept of “Play”: the idea of pressing “Play,” focusing on the act of starting something using rhythm, harmony, and volume as the foundational experiences, while also encouraging users to become active players and participants in the Tezenis community.

The concept aims to unite people who share a passion for music, enabling them to connect and play together, fostering a sense of belonging. Music is at the heart of the website theme, and the concept of “Play” ties everything together, allowing users to have fun and express themselves creatively.

Frank Studio
Tezenis e-commerce redesign - backup image of video presentation of the desktop version of the site
Frank Studio
Frank Studio
TEZENIS e-commerce redesign - Shop by mood module

Embrace your emotions and shop like never before

One of the project’s objectives was to ensure consistency and a unique brand image across all touchpoints, both online and offline, starting with the choice of bright and vibrant colors for all different types of customer experiences. Similarly, we worked on the selection of typography, using only “Poppins” as the font on the website to establish a strong visual identity and avoid overwhelming the customer.

Frank Studio

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