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Fornasetti’s first-ever online store had to tell the rich and eclectic story of the iconic Milanese Atelier.

Piero Fornasetti established his atelier in Milan during the 1950s. Since then, the company has consistently turned ordinary objects into art, infusing them with a distinct touch of ‘practical madness.’ This unique approach has made the atelier a truly exceptional entity in the world of Art and Design today.

The new e-commerce website was meticulously crafted to serve as the perfect platform for all things Fornasetti. It needed to showcase the enchanting world of the brand while ensuring a user-friendly, intuitive interface for online customers.

Frank Studio

We designed a simple navigation system, providing equal access to both the online store and the cultural content, which forms the cornerstone of the brand’s identity. The cultural section provides a cloud-like browsing experience, instantly engaging users in the brand’s universe with quick visual access points to in-depth insights. The e-commerce part of the site adheres to best practices in UX design, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free user journey.

Frank Studio

We designed the website with a modular system to allow for the seamless addition of sections throughout the site, whether it be a product highlight, a fun fact, or an artistic insight into the essence of the brand.

Frank Studio
Frank Studio
Frank Studio

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